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Go out more, meet nice people and start new hobbies around you! With Munnity, you get local information at the tip of your fingers. Tired of finding out about local events that seemed cool only after they happened? With Munnity, this will not happen anymore. Be part of this local community open to anyone who wants to share local experiences and exchange knowledge!

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Don't miss anything that is happening around you or your points of interests
Local Community

Exchange first-hand information and on-the ground insights in real-time. Interact with people that have common points of interest     

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Local Events

Connections in action! Organise events, take part in local initiatives, build your network and enjoy the best of what the area has to offer     

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Local Businesses

Support the independent locally owned businesses. Get rewarded as loyal customer or offer your products and services to the marketplace     

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Local Authorities

Have a direct communication line with the local authorities and more transparency over the decisions that impact the neighbourhood in real-time     

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People get talking about...

✓ joining a conversation table
✓ finding a sports buddy
✓ free parking nearby
✓ farmers markets
✓ urban gardening
✓ free yoga classes
✓ finding a good doctor
✓ joining a kids playgroup
✓ eating healthy and locally

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Connections in action!

☞ workshops for kids 
☞ conferences        ☞  seminars 
☞ festivals         ☞  fairs        ☞ flea markets 
☞ open doors        ☞ guided tours        ☞ exhibitions 
☞ concerts        ☞ shows        ☞ nightlife 
☞ sports        ☞ other various activities
☞ celebrations        ☞ folklore
☞ cinema        ☞ theatre

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Support the local economy!

◊ Handyman        ◊ Babysitter        ◊ Tutoring

◊ Fitness Studio        ◊ gym        ◊ Hairdresser

◊ Bars        ◊ coffee shops        ◊ Restaurants

◊ Clothing boutique        ◊ Groceries stores

◊ Gardening    ◊ Flower shop    ◊ Laundromat

◊ (Para)-pharmacy        ◊ Pet store, grooming

◊ Bakery        ◊ Bookstore         ◊ Food trucks

◊ Bed & Breakfast        ◊ Real Estate agencies

◊ Car wash & mechanics        ◊ Gas station

◊ Repair & second-hand shops

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Sustainable, smart 
public services

⑅Local initiatives      ⑅Policies

⑅Administrative procedures

  ⑅Roadworks      ⑅Safety and prevention

⑅Health and wellbeing        ⑅Housing

⑅Education and Youth      ⑅Leisure agenda       

⑅Urban development        ⑅Waste collection

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